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At "Lyon Lace" lace has been a matter of family history for several generations.


Leading the company for two years now, Julien Bracq, son of the "Jean Bracq" company's manager, buys in 2012 the three Lyon lace machines remaining in the world. They were the property of Goutarel, the last Lyon lacemaker, settled in the famous area of Croix-Rousse, who had sold the factory and needed to rid it of the looms and production facilities.


The lace produced by the Goutarel machines, then embroidered, was called "Dentelle de Lyon" (Lace of Lyon), such as the Dognin company's lace, the original firm to whom Lyon lace's history is deeply related.


In 1805, Jean-Claude Dognin opens his silk tulle business in Lyon and goes into partnership with the English business man Augustin Isaac, who got a Jacquard loom patented, allowing to produce lace from a tulle bobbin machine.


The Dognin company is administrated for more than a century and a half by its founder's descendants. In the 1960's, they provide the greatest maisons de haute couture with tulles and laces: Dior, Jean Patou, Lanvin, Alexis Mabille, Nina Ricci, Balmain, Givenchy, Chanel…


Unfortunately, the silk crisis and evolution of women's clothing and fashion overcome most of the production. Dognin stopped working in 1975 and closes down for real ten years later.


However, the tradition of Lyon lace carries on and Julien Bracq moved three of the last eight looms in Caudry, North of France, in order to keep maintain this heritage doomed to disappear. This young manager is really decided to boost this market with a high-end and premium products range and to take on very specific know-how workers. Named "Lyon Lace", his company will apply for "the living heritage company" label and he should consider investments in research and development.


Proof that saveguarding heritage can really go hand in hand with innovation!

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Bobin-Jacquard Machines Rescued and Settled in Caudry

The great adventure of Lyon Lace officially starts in November 2012 after Goutarel's workshop closed in Lyon, settled in the historical area of "Croix-Rousse".

Three machines are then transfered to Caudry, North of France, to get refurbished. A team whole team is set up to revive this activity.

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